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VMware Online Resource Guide

01 Jan 2015

For a few years now I have maintained a compilation of bookmarks and a set of vmware.com/go/ redirects  for my customers that I provided along with my recommendations and best practices for support. I’m transitioning this to this reference format and will continue to add VMware-hosted resources.

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Get Support

My VMware – Provides you simplified management:

Simple. Save time and resolve issues quickly with self-service capabilities and guided workflows.

Flexible. Control access to product license keys and support with user-based permissions within entitlement accounts.

Streamlined. Manage license keys and support, track support requests, evaluate products and download purchased products from a single site.

VMware Product Support Center – Find documentation, troubleshooting guides, webcasts and other helpful product support resources.

VMware Support Policies – Locate support policies, “how to” guides in addition to product lifecycle and end of availability matrices.

VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix – Directly access the product lifecycle matrix.

VMware Product Licensing – Get help with product licensing or visit our license management portal.

Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program  (SVVP) for VMware, Inc. – The list of validated configurations (Products) will enable customers to identify what configurations have been tested and validated to work with Windows Server.

Access the Technical Resources

VMware Security Center – Stay up to date on security issues for all VMware products. Subscribe to proactive notification of security alerts, report security issues, and get security-related downloads.

VMware Press – The official publisher of VMware books and training materials that provide guidance for the critical topics facing today’s technology professionals.

VMware Technical Resources – Access white papers, technical notes, compatibility guides and other technical information for all currently released VMware products.

VMware Technical Papers – Access technical papers from VMware and Partners such as reference architectures, deployment and evaluator guides and much more.

VMware Knowledge Base – Locate answers to many support questions and issues on VMware’s Knowledge Base.

VMware Documentation – Find release notes, manuals, guides and technical resources available for all versions of VMware products.

VMware Compatibility Guides – Check to see that your configuration is supported and to identify any known system, I/O, SAN or backup compatibility issues and which guest operating systems are supported.

VMware Product Interoperability Matrix – Review the solution interoperability, solution upgrade path and solution to database interoperability before you start you next installation or upgrade.

VMware Tools – Search, browse and download VMware Tools software packaged for select supported Operating Systems. Operating system specific packages (OSPs) are a packaging and distribution mechanism for VMware Tools.

</ul> VMware Training and Certification – Log in to VMware Education Services to access your enrollments, transcript information, course and certification offerings and registration options.

VMware Training Top Free Courses – Review and sign-up for a number of the top free self-paced courses. These course cover topics from key fundamentals to the best practices for running business critical applications on VMware vSphere.

VMware Walk-Throughs – Step-by-step walk-throughs of VMware solutions and products by Technical Markerting

VMware Learning – Begin your learning with our instructional videos delivery by VMware Education Instructors. These short instructional videos provide you with helpful product overviews and detailed step-by-step demonstrations installing, configuring, deploying and maintaining your virtual and cloud infrastructure.

VMware Hands-on-Labs – Dive in and experience the power of our product and solutions with the Hand-on-Labs.

VMware Developer Resources – Locate developer information to integrate with cloud computing services.

VMware Solution Exchange – VMware’s online virtualization marketplace, makes it easy for you to discover, evaluate, purchase and deploy the numerous partner products and solutions integrated with VMware’s virtualization technology. Explore solutions or search for information about how to deploy and support those you already own.

VMware Labs – VMware Labs is our home for collaboration. Here, you can play around with the latest innovations coming out of VMware and share feedback and ideas directly with our engineers. VMware Labs is also the place where VMware engineers can share their cool and useful tools with you.

Business Critical Applications – Virtualize Microsoft Exchange/SQL Server/SharePoint, Enterprise Java Application, SAP, and Oracle, on VMware vSphere to get breakthrough performance and outstanding reliability.

Attend the Events

VMworld – VMware’s annual technology conference. Visit VMworld.com to register for next conference, access sessions and labs and join the community discussions.

VMware Forum – VMware Forum is a free, interactive, full-day event where you will learn about transforming IT, so that you can transform your entire business to respond more effectively to markets, competitors and customers. VMware, industry analysts and IT professionals discuss virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable your business to thrive in the cloud era.

Webcasts – Presented by VMware experts, technology partners and customers, these one-hour, live webcasts feature online discussions, as well as demos and real-time Q&A.

Read the Blogs

VMware Office of the CTO – Follow VMware’s Office of the CTO

VMware Blogs – Follow our blogs that cover our support, corporate strategy, cloud and infrastructure management, hybrid cloud and end-user computing.

Planet v12n Blogs - Follow the community bloggers across the nation and around the world.

VMware Support Insider – Follow the blog for VMware Support news, alerts and announcements.

VMware KB Digest – A digest of the recently publishes knowledgebase articles.

VMware Knowledge Base TV – Follow the blog for VMware Knowledge Base how-to videos.

Join the Community

VMware Communities – Connect with other VMware customers and technology experts to discuss products, strategy, planning security and more.

VMware User Groups – Participate in a forum with VMware users to share best practices and expertise.

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast – VMware experts talk about virtualization live every Wednesday at 12:00pm PST/PDT.

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