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Host Profile Compliance and SNMP Agent Configuration

12 Feb 2014

Recently, I was assisting a customer with their 5.1 Auto Deploy reference architecture and we ran into a Host Profile compliance issue when the host was existing maintenance mode. Essentially, the SNMP Agent Configuration would continually show non-compliant.

After a few discussions with engineering I identified a workaround after some reproduction effort.

Since the customer was using only SNMPv1 the simplest setting of the SNMP Agent Configuration could be done by executing:

esxcli system snmp set -t [email protected]/public,host2.domain.com/public,[email protected]/public -e 1

The results would be:

~ # esxcli system snmp get
Enable: true
Engineid: 00000063000000a100000000 [SYSTEM GENERATED VALUE]
Port: 161
Targets: [email protected] public,host2.domain.com public,[email protected] public
~ #

The EngineID is system generated and is required only for SNMPv3; however, it causes an issue with the application and compliance check of a host profile that online needs SNMPv1 configured:

If applied with the EngineID of the reference host it will be marked as compliant in a compliance check. If the EngineID is set to blank in the host profile the host will be marked at non-compliant in a compliance check. To work around this issue, it is recommended to set the EngineID to a static value when using SNMPv1. The EngineID is a 5 to 32 hexadecimal string.

Therefore, the reference host could be set with the following configuration or applied to the SNMP Agent Configuration in the host profile manually.

esxcli system snmp set -c public -E 000000000000000000000000 -t [email protected]/public,host2.domain.com/public,[email protected]/public -L zone.domain.com -l info -y indications -e 1

Once applied to the host profile, applied to the hosts and then checked for compliance the host will show as compliant.

I have asked that a KB article be published online with the information presented here.

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