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VMware vCenter Server 5.1 Component Dependancies

27 Sep 2013

A customer had a question earlier this week regarding the dependancies of all VMware vCenter components in a VMware vSphere 5.1 lab environment. Specifically, this customer had installed all of the components separately on individuals virtual machines and wanter to know the proper start-up order. Before I answer that’s let’s take a step back.

With the release of VMware vSphere 5.1 additional components were added for to the overall deployment of VMware vCenter Server 5.1. These are the vCenter Single Sign On, Inventory Service, and vCenter Server.

In fact, the VMware vSphere 5.1 Installation and Setup Guide states that you must install these components in the order of.

  1. vCenter Single Sign On
  2. vCenter Inventory Service
  3. vCenter Server

However, the documentation does not explicitly state is the proper start-up order for each of the components. The simple answer is that the start-up order is the same as the installation order shown above. vCenter Single Sign On should be started first as it provides authentication. Even if you authentication using a local account the authentication process still goes through the SSO. Next, the vCenter Inventory Service should be started followed by the vCenter Server.

If you deploy all three (3) on Microsoft Windows Server 2008, the installation sets the VMware vCenter and WebAccess services as a delayed start and they will not attempt to start for a few minutes to give other services a chance to start. No service start-up dependancies are present - only the delay. This is likely based on the capability to bounce services independent of one another.

Now, back to that customer lab environment where they have deployed each service on individual virtual machines. For this senario recommend that this is done in a vApp.

If using a standalone host, perhaps in your home lab, you can get the same results by setting in Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown options in the vSphere Client.

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