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VMware Global Support Services: Changes to Severity 2 Production Support

29 Apr 2013

In an effort to improve the service level of Severity 1 Support Requests (SRs), provide more meaningful first response and increase the frequency of contact while working SRs, VMware Global Support Services (GSS) has made some service changes to better manage SRs proactively and ultimately improve your support experience.

Effective 22 April 2013, Severity 2 Production Support Entitlement SRs have moved to a call-back model. When contacting support at 877-4VMWARE on new and existing Severity 2 SRs, you will be provided with a call-back within the 4-hour Service Level Agreement. This already happens today for all Production Support Severity 3 and Severity 4 SRs.

My recommendations for best practices remain the same:

Understanding Severity Levels

Opening a Severity 1 (Production Down) SR

Opening a Severity 2 SR

Opening a Severity 3 or 4 SR

Escalating and SR There may be times when you need to escalate a support request with VMware. The escalation process is especially appropriate in the following situations.

Should an escalation situation arise:

So, You Might Be Thinking...

1. Why I do not have an option of live support anymore

2. When I can expect contact from VMware GSS going forward for my SRs? </div>

  • When calling on Severity 2, 3 and 4 SRs you will be provided with a call-back within SLA.
  • Refer to VMware Severity and Response Times for VMware business hours and severity definitions.
  • Production Severity 2 (S2) – 4 Business Hours
  • Production Severity 3 (S3) – 8 Business Hours
  • Production Severity 4 (S4) – 12 Business Hours

3. How do I contact VMware GSS / my TSE, if I need immediate help?

  • You can reach the TSE assigned to your SR by calling 877-4VMWARE and using our voice-recognition system. After entering your SR number your call will be routed to the assigned TSE.
  • Refer to support phone numbers at http://www.vmware.com/in/support/contacts/us_support.html.
  • You can reach the assigned TSE by reviewing the Manager contact information available in TSEs email signature.
  • You can speak to a Customer Service Representative by calling 877-4VMWARE.

4. Does this change affect all VMware products and entitlements?

  • This change is applicable for only certain products which had live phone queue support options. (eg VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter Product Family, VMware Horizon Product Family, VMware vFabric...)
  • There is no change for products which were already classified as callback.
  • This change is applicable for only Production Support Entitlement.

5. If I have BCS or MCS support, do I still have an option of live phone queue support?

6. How do I upgrade the severity of my SR? </div>

  • Speak with a Customer Service Representative by calling 877-4VMWARE and request a severity increase for the SR, or
  • Reach out to the Support Manager by reviewing TSE email signature information and request severity raise for the SR.

7. How do I get access to live queue?

  • If you are having a production down situations you will have access to live phone queue support provided that SR is severity 1.
  • Speak with a Customer Service Representatives or Duty Manager by calling 877-4VMWARE and request the severity be raised to Severity 1 for the SR if it is a production down situations. This will enable live queue access.

8. What are the definitions for VMware Severities?

9. What can I expect from this change? What’s in it for me?

  • Meaningful first response towards the technical issues logged with VMware GSS.
  • No wait times when seeking support assistance on non-production down but urgent issues.
  • Faster responsiveness Sn severity 1, business down, situation SRs.
  • More frequent contact with our customers during the life of the SR.
  • Improved response and better SLA management of SRs

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